Paradise Road- Film Review English :)


The film paradise Road is based around the true stories of the women Prisoners Of War in Sumatra during WWII, when the Japanese invaded Singapore. Directed by  Bruce Beresford this is a fictional film, and based loosely upon fact. 

After the ship evacuating the women and children was sunk, the survivors swim to the nearest land, which was the Bangka Island. Some were separated during this time and arrive at different points. The Island was fully occupied by the Japanese and the group, soon discovers there situation once they arrive in the main town on the island. 

This film however leaves out a pivotal moment in history during this time, maybe because of the graphical and violent contexts. But in leaving out the massacre on the beach, the film does a good thing towards the portrayal of the characters. As these POW women were aware that the Japanese were capable of killing them, and that there was no such thing as safety in numbers. They were made to live in a constant state of fear, that they too might be massacred. 

Paradise Road tries to portray the Japanese with the incident of Wing, being set alright to portray to the audience without seeing the massacre on the beach that they were capable with a bat of an eye to kill someone without hesitation, in cold blood. 

In comparison this text shows how the Japanese and the POW women were intertwined. Both afraid of what one another might do, but in the scene where the Japanese soldier sings to Adrienne. It was beautiful and, at the same time, terrible to see that this man, who almost kills her in other circumstances, has the human need to be acknowledged and approved by her. It is beautiful and terrible to see how he can disrespect her human rights and at the same time respect her opinion so much. And you can see it in Adrienne’s face: she recognizes for a moment that her captor is a human being who is capable of terror and beauty.

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